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Got Stunts?

This was a scene that Sarah had not originally planned, as she was going to find stock footage for it, but decided we might be able to capture it if Sam was willing. It’s the scene of him actually going overboard. Sam was not only willing, but wanted to fall from a higher point on the boat. He said he could swim before he could walk so we knew he was talented with dives and back flips. He even made sure to fall a certain way to make sure he sunk deep as our main camera was rolling underwater to capture the fall. This time we put Sam in a wet suit and to help keep his shirt down so his suit was not exposed, Alexa secured it with a piece of fabric from his costume. It worked perfectly and the shot turned out so very cool! To the crews amazement, the water is so blue in these great lakes that it looks like we were shooting in the Bahamas!

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