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Terms Of Service


A Private Member Association


Member Agreement

By submitting a gift or donation, I hereby agree to the conditions below and volunteer my application for Member Association in Abandon Ship PMA, a Private Member Association (hereinafter known as PMA).


  1. This Association of Members hereby declare that our primary purpose is to protect and maintain our right tofreedom of choice regarding the conduct of business and management of our financial assets by asserting ourconstitutional, contractual, and civil rights under God, the Common Law and the Constitution of the United States ofAmerica.

  2. I comprehend that this is a Private Members Association (PMA) and is not a public entity of any kind created by or under any governmental authority, permission or statute (a statutory association, corporation, limited liability company, limited or general partnership). It is a private, voluntary association of people acting in their natural capacity and right,pursuant to the intent, purpose, express provisions, and principles set forth in the PMA’s Articles of Association, which are made available to me.

  3. As a Member, I freely support and give of my monetary funds towards the work of the PMA in producing, filming and editing the documentary titled “BirthRight, Born Free-Live Free” and other important films the PMA produces that bring forth education and enlightenment in regards to the state of our nation, government, humanity, faith, constitutionalprinciples, the rebuilding of the Republics or any other topic the PMA chooses to cover. I agree that all contributions are made voluntarily by me and at my sole discretion and risk. I acknowledge and agree that I may not receive a return of my monetary gift in either lesser, equal or greater value. I accept that the PMA cannot guarantee the success of the film or that incentives will be delivered as this is based on completion of funding, production and distribution. Byvolunteering to contribute to this PMA and BirthRight: Born Free | Live Free, the film, I agree that I am supporting an idea, project, or cause that I care about and want to help make happen. I comprehend that this is a work-in- progress project, idea or cause and that I am not gifting to a completed work. I comprehend that there could be potential delays, and unforeseen challenges, that may cause risk to the film and therefor forfeit incentives and monetary gains. While the PMA will strive to honor the 1% at a $5K gift, 2% at a $10k gift, and 5% at a $25K gift, I comprehend that the ability for the PMA to return these monetary amounts is based on the financial support received to produce the film as well as the financial gain from the distribution and sale of the film after all expenses have been paid. Likewise, other incentives revealed such as the Operating Trust, 3-Part Trust, PMA, ASN Consulting, Movie Swag, Tickets to the Premiere and other offers made, is solely based upon the ability of the PMA to raise enough monetary support to fully fund and produce the film.

  4. As a member who contributed monetarily, in and above Member dues, I acknowledge and agree that refunds can be given up to 10 days after the gift was received. Refunds will be returned in the same form of payment they were issued with. If the PMA is unsuccessful in reaching it’s funding goal, I am aware that the member filmmakers are committed to see the project through, althoughsignificant delays may be encountered as the project waits for private funding either from the filmmaker themselves orother resources. Should this occur, incentives for members who gave under $5K and monetary returns and incentivesfor those members who gave $5K and up, may need to be re-structured based on resources available.

  5. I comprehend and agree that Abandon Ship PMA is NOT a Lawyer, Tax Advisor, is not acting as Legal advisor oroffering Legal or Tax advice in any way and cannot instruct members on how they classify their gift or contribution. I agree that Abandon Ship PMA is acting and delivering all communication and materials by informed opinion only and that No legal advice is offered.

  6. I comprehend and agree that those Members of Abandon Ship PMA that provide updates, communication, anypaperwork or advice do so in the capacity of fellow Facilitators in a private manner and not in any public capacity. I agree that within Abandon Ship PMA, no Public Provider-Client or Investor relationships exist.

  7. I agree that I will NOT copy, duplicate, share, plagiarize, pirate, appropriate, purloin or steal with the intent or non-intent to re-sell, distribute, profit or not-profit from any screening of the film, passing it around or sharing it on social media. I agree that I will NOT copy, duplicate, share, plagiarize, pirate, appropriate, purloin or steal with the intent or non-intent to re-sell, distribute, profit or not-profit from any incentive I might receive whether it be a Trust, Will or PMA document(s) provided by Sovereign Street Foundation as a gift to Abandon Ship PMA for offering as anincentive perk to it’s members who give $5k or more. Members do not convey any right, title or interest in the PMA or to any film rights, distribution rights, documents, assets or property owned.

  8. I comprehend and agree that it is my personal responsibility to evaluate what is being offered and to educate myselfas to the efficacy, risks, or desirability. I agree that the actions I take in this regard are of my own free will. As a Member, I will exercise my rights for my own benefit and agree to hold harmless Abandon Ship PMA, Sovereign Street Foundation PMA and Member Facilitators from any unintentional liability that might result from the delay, cancellation, dissatisfaction with any portion of the film, production of the film or editing of the film, incentives, advice or services I receive from Sovereign Street PMA which will give the Trusts and PMA incentive, except from any harm that could remotely result “a clear and present danger of substantive evil” as determined by Abandon Ship PMA and defined by the United States Supreme Court.

  9. I comprehend, agree and accept that, since Abandon Ship PMA is protected by the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, it is exempt from any action of Federal, State or Local agencies entrusted to “protect the public” as it relates to any complaints or grievances against this PMA, its Board ofDirectors, Member Facilitators or other associated members. All complaints or grievances will be settled by non-judicialarbitration within Abandon Ship PMA. Also, Member Association and private Member records, kept by the PMA, arestrictly protected and can only be released upon written request of the subject Member.

  10. 10.  I agree that I am joining this Private Member Association under my own free will without any pressure or coercion. I comprehend that Members seek to help each other achieve and sustain education, status correction, asset protection and stability.


11. My activities within this PMA are a private matter and I decline to share them with any Federal or State regulatory      enforcement agency, including any County, City, State or Federal Institutions, Agencies or Regulators orany other similar  agency. Any records that I have shared with other Members remain the property of Abandon Ship PMA.


12.  I, in becoming a Member, agree not to file malpractice, civil or criminal lawsuits against Abandon Ship PMA, or a  fellow Member, unless by willful action or inaction that Member exposes me to a clear and present danger ofsubstantive  evil. I further agree that all Members are exempt from the provisions of any state business regulation, orany similar  federal, state or local legislation.


13. I reiterate, that I am entering into this agreement of my own free will, or on behalf of a designated  dependent,without any pressure or promise of benefit. I affirm that I do not represent any state or federal agency whose  purpose is to regulate or limit the practice of any professional service of any kind. I accept that this Member Association  does not entitle me to any voting interest in Abandon Ship PMA. I acknowledge I am not liable for any debts, liabilities,  suits or judgments against the PMA. I comprehend that this Member Association does not absolve me from any personal  obligation outside of this Association.


14. I have read and comprehend this agreement and any questions I had were answered fully to my satisfaction.  This  document consists of my entire agreement for Member Association and it supersedes any previous agreement I may  have made, either express or implied.


15. I comprehend that my Member donation, if any, entitles me to receive those benefits declared by a Board Member  to be general benefits, and that any further suggested donation amounts have been explained to me. I also agree by  my own free will to donate, for those benefits that I request and receive that are declared to be special assessments, as  per discussed suggested donations amounts.


16. I comprehend that my member donation, if any, is separate from my gift towards the creation of the films within the  PMA.


17. The term of this Member Agreement began on the date upon which I first donated to Abandon Ship PMA for  member association and/or film funding and continues until the dissolution of this Association, unless removed by a  Board Member for abusive, violent, menacing or harmful behavior. By creating my Member Association, I do certifyand  attest that I have carefully read these terms of use, and Members Agreement and that I fully comprehend and agree with  all the provisions stated herein.

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