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We Have Costumes!

So many good things happening! Another blessing to be had! We didn’t think it would be possible to have a costumer for our upcoming Michigan shoot, and honestly just planned to order something online and roll it in the dirt, lol. Key costumers, especially ones trained in aging garments can be very expensive. Sarah ended up calling around to maybe find someone just starting out, who wouldn’t charge her as much. She called a few people and left voice mails, in which one lovely woman responded. Sarah described the project and the time period and what she was hoping for. She asked for the budget and Sarah told her, “it would most likely offend you”. She said, " rate is $1k a day and this will most likely take me three days...but, I love that you are a female director, you're local and the project sounds amazing, so I will do it for $100 a day!" This gal once did time period costumes for over 2,000 back ground actors. We are truly getting the cream of the crop! Below was the shirt we found on Amazon to dirty up and some pants too. The other photos were the inspiration for the scene. Wanna see her masterpiece?

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