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Support Our Fundraising Zoom-A-Thon!!

I realize for those who have subscribed to this blog, that your emails might have been blowing up with posts as we desperately try to catch this blog up. Seems, I post more on Telegram and neglect the blog! Sorry for so many emails to those who received the recent slew of blog posts! But this one you will want to send out to all those who want to help support the film as we move it into post production and are in need of raising those funds for post and distribution!

Here are the details:

Invitation 2 Freedom & The Study Guide are sponsoring a robust FUNDRAISING event to bring in the remaining funds needed to move the upcoming documentary film, “BirthRight” into post production!

Join Sarah as she interviews special guests Bobby Lawrence, Kiki (StarLit) and Ann Vandersteel taking questions as well as sharing the state of our Nation from each of their unique perspectives!

Additionally, we round out the event with our very own Anthony from The Study Guide, and lead actor Sam & Alexa Shelton to be with us LIVE throughout the day hearing of their involvement in the film.

Finally, special musical guest Blind Joe will join LIVE!

Sarah will give us a sneak peek behind the scenes of her live-action film and share some exciting news about how we see this film growing into a MUCH larger project!!

Please join us at the BirthRight Zoom-A-Thon in helping to finish raising the funds needed and be a part of bringing this film into reality!

When: October 28, 2023

Time: 12-5 pm PST

Tiered Donation Incentives

*Trust or Will by Sovereign Street Foundation

*Screen Credits

*Return of Investment

**See Website for more informaton

For more info or to give to the film, please visit

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