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Patriots and Port-A-Potty's

I did not know that the waves can sometimes get as high as 35ft during storms and that there are over 600 ship wrecks in our great lakes. So, our original thought of a pontoon boat was just not going to cut it and was now out of the question. We called a tour company who had a large boat that fits about 20 people on it, equipped with an onboard bathroom…these little details sure help when you are on the water for 8 straight hours. The boat had a glass bottom as it often toured the ship wrecks. Captain Jen, was well versed on the water, had her own scuba diving team and had worked with Discovery Channel before so knew the drill of backing up a boat, circling around, moving out of the shot yada, yada…It was perfect. She also provided paddle boards and lo and behold had the cutest little sail boat that we needed for our characters rescue boat. I mean how perfect could this be! Everything in one place and all arranged with one phone call. Next was finding where the cast and crew would stay. Captain Jenn, suggested we look into this cute little B&B, known as Secrets on Main, that could house us all. The B&B was typically open on weekends only but the couple who ran this place heard about us and wanted to offer their place for the entire week. Not only were we able to all stay together, which actually was very perfect, as we were able to build that camaraderie that you need on set, but now we had a couple who knew the area well and was down to help us in any way! They packed us lunches for both shooting days, when we were on the boat all day or at the beach, donated their tables, chairs and awnings for our beach shoot. That saved us from having to hire craft services and/or a runner to go get food. Another little miracle that took place was that we were desperately trying to find a local photographer and they were either no bueno or booked. To Sarah's surprise, when she arrived at the B&B and walked into the living room, the walls were covered with beautiful photography work that actually belonged to the owner of the B&B! Here under this roof, was a professional photographer who did beautiful work. She asked if he’d like to accompany the crew for the two day shoot and he was ecstatic and over the moon. Another problem solved! Best thing about all of this is that the couple who ran the B&B and Captain Jenn and her team were all patriots and in full support of the message as well as believers in the Lord, who stood with us and prayed alongside us for a successful shoot. How does this happen? It’s all God Ordained, that is the only explanation. One other cool story… we had to rely on google maps to show us the coastline. Cheboygan beaches have thick brush between the water and the roadway which makes for a perfect scene that shows a beach untouched and undeveloped. There are rows of houses that line the beach as well, so finding that perfect spot that was absent of homes and yet had access from the road so we weren’t carrying the small boat and gear through brush, was crucial. We found the perfect spot. However, the time that particular google photo was taken there was a small RV on it and Sarah figured someone was camping and they’d be gone by the time the crew arrived. Wrong! That camper actually belonged to the owners of that lot and the RV had been replaced with a one story home. ugh…now what? Sarah, Scott and the Cinematographer drove up to the property and much to their surprise the owner of the home was sitting out on the patio on the phone. This was mid-day and the owner was home and outside?! What are the odds? Sarah approached the woman who owned the lot and explained what she was looking to do and what was needed. The owner then spoke with her husband who was also home and the team had a wonderful conversation with them both about the film. Lo and behold they also were patriots and said, “whatever we can do to help fix this government, we are in!” Not only did they grant us access to use their driveway to access the beach but they offered their pristine port-a-potty…and I mean PRISTINE! Again, driving 20 minutes into town to just use the potty would have been awful. We are always thinking of this budget and did not want to hire a craft service team, nor bring in port-a-potty’s, nor carve out a beach access road for this film. It’s just not that kinda budget…so God helps out where needed.

Disclaimer: There was no alcohol on set or white gloved service...but wouldn't that have been a nice touch?

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