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Lucky us!

Another favor of God moment! Some of you may not know that we have not met our goal for the cost of this film. We had only met little under half of it. When Film’s get to this point directors start to worry that they may not have enough to get it completed so they start to cut corners. Well, we needed a birth certificate that would be waterproof and that could float in the ocean for a scene. We go to Michigan in a week and we started to panic about not having time to get this birth certificate done and that it would look terrible if we tried to do it ourselves. After all, laminating it in order to waterproof it would have created a shiny surface that would have been picked up by our drone and would not have looked authentic at all. So, Sarah started to reach out to a local props gal to see if she could help. She was going on vacation and suggested that we reach out to another local props guy who specialized in fabrication. She called him not knowing who this guy was or what he had worked on before, and just figured anyone would do a better job than we would. He cut us an insane deal because we were local. So they discussed the design and she gave him some options ...a little bit of this one, a little bit from that one, combine them all into one sort of thing. He called Sarah and said they were ready to pick up, but she was panicking because she never discussed how he was going to waterproof it. Sarah told him on the phone how he could possibly waterproof it and he said, "why don’t you come and see them, as it’s hard for me to explain it to you but I think you’re gonna love what we did." So she shows up in this undisclosed location and asks him "why don’t you have your name on your building?" and he said, "we don’t want people to know we exist here." Ok...why? He said, "turn around", and hanging on his wall were all the marvel costumes and props, stuff from Batman and items from the joker among many other blockbuster films. This guy was the real deal and Sarah was trying to tell him how to waterproof paper...🤦🏻‍♀️ oh man! Hilarious. Would you like to see what he did???? Let us know in the comment section below.

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