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Michigan Here We Come!

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Coming up... ocean scenes! Big things happening with planning and the next location is truly spectacular! So how do we keep insurance costs low and safety high? exchange shark infested oceans for extremely LARGE lakes so it looks like the ocean! So welcome to the Great Lakes where we will be filming in August on Lake Huron! God has been so incredibly faithful to help us pull this off. There are many logistics needed and a lot of planning and a ton of personal junk has come at us, trying to delay this project and distract us. But once again God has pulled through by perfectly lining up the most incredible company that offered a boat big enough to withstand 35 foot waves, seats 28 people, includes scuba divers to help wrangle the boats in the water and provide support for crew and props, paddle boards to keep our crew afloat from tiring and having to tread water between takes as well as compose water level shots, wet suits to withstand the colder temperatures from being out so deep, a perfect row boat that was incredibly close to what I was imaging and most importantly but usually forgotten about...a bathroom on board because well...8 hours on the water, so you know. Just wanted to share how easy this all came about once again with such a full schedule and little to no time to do deep searches and make tons of calls, this just about fell into my lap. Oh and this incredible boat crew has worked with Discovery channel to film ship wrecks so they know all about the constant circling of the boat to help support crew in the water. 🎉

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