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Let's Play Some Catch Up, Shall We

Well, clearly it's crazy hard for me to keep up with a Blog and a Telegram Channel and work on this film at the same time. One is going to fall behind and that happened to be this blog. So be forewarned that I will be sharing the older posts from our telegram channel here so that those who are not on Telegram, do not miss out on all that has taken place and the progression of the film. These posts will be in order begging with our posts from June 9th as we prepared for our shoot in Gettysburg and the DC area. If you are on Telegram, join our channel:

Repost: June 9, 2023

7 location permits went out in the mail yesterday! Fingers crossed they all get approved. If so we could be filming in this magnificent space! Who can guess where this is? 🧐

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