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Filming On The Beach

Here are some of the BTS photos from the beach scenes we filmed in Michigan! Enjoy!!

Alexa doing her foley for sound

Sarah literally thought our photographer super imposed the cargo ship behind Sam. He didn’t. What a shot! No idea large cargo ships like this would be on a lake!

Sam kept us entertained on the set with the feather he found lol.

The boat was a bit of a hassle. The edit is going to be a beast trying to match the position of the boat as the dang thing kept moving. Maybe know one will notice….

Sarah's pastor always said do your best for an audience of one. In this case an audience of 3.

Who thinks this should go on some piece of marketing material for the film? The photographer had fun in the edit.

The problem with shooting in sand is you have to constantly cover the tracks for multiple takes. Not as easy to make a beach look untouched after we’ve all trampled through it.

Multiple takes to get the foot to hit the exact spot for focus. Harder than one would think…Also…disclaimer…Sarah does not make her actors do anything she would not do…except get in the frigid water without a wetsuit in a tiny nauseating boat... but Sarah did lay full face in the sand. That counts right?

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