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Filming At The DC Gulag

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Photo dump warning! First up, the lovely Ann Vandersteel outside of the DC Gulag. Wow 🤩 what a day! We hit every location we wanted and the shots came out beautifully! A huge shout out to my crew (local to DC) for making this happen and busting their butts in the hot sun to pull this off. Dennis is our very talented steadycam op and his master focus puller Andy gave us that cinematic look and feel. After filming in this city for over 30 years, Dennis was shocked we were able to obtain the access we had at these locations, especially the Library of Congress, and amazed at how fast we went. That’s God right there! Great access, no rain, even a road was conveniently closed off right were we needed it in front of scotus, right when we started filming. Scott and I shoot fast and our crew appreciated our ability to pull it all off.

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