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Epic Scene to Come

This scene, when you see it….CHILLS! It was truly EPIC!! For this scene we needed Sam to submerge underwater and then look directly into the lens of the camera and open his eyes, signifying that this was it and he would forever be underwater. It was challenging to say the least because he would have to lift his face, open his eyes, and be directly center with our lens. Either we were off or he was. After several takes, Sarah finally got the idea to have him hold onto the edge of the lens. That way when he went underwater, he knew exactly where the lens was and knew exactly were to look when he opened his eyes. Not only did that work, but the sun came out from behind the clouds at precisely the exact moment and the most beautiful light struck through the water right onto Sam’s face and at the most interesting angle. It looked like we brought in underwater lights for this scene. It was just God’s perfect timing using His most powerful light.

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